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Why start with basic shapes when learning to sketch?

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Why start with basic shapes when learning to sketch
Why start with basic shapes when learning to sketch

Today, I will analyze for you what it means to learn to draw sketches of shapes. The objects we see every day have very complex shapes. Beginners often don’t know where to start, but we can use different geometric shapes to generalize and simplify. For example oranges, we can think of them as spheres; cups we can think of them as cylinders. Even for more complex objects, we can use geometric shapes to generalize.

Why start with basic shapes when learning to sketch?

Basic shapes for drawing

So, learning to sketch gypsum geometry can help us grasp at the earliest the visual rules of realist painting, and then we can freely express all we want. Learning to sketch should follow the principle that from basic to advanced, plaster geometry summarizes the different shapes of nature.

Starting from the study of plaster geometry and still life is the beginning of sketching. The study of geometry lays the foundation for understanding the structure and principles of perspective of objects in space, and facilitates understanding of the subject’s light and shadow tones as well as three-dimensional perception.

Through the understanding and description of geometric shapes, it is possible to cultivate a general ability to express various complex shapes, which lays the foundation for further study of sketching.

Cube, sphere, cylinder, cone. These four geometric blocks are the main object of practice when we begin to learn to sketch, many people when learning to sketch will draw these four shapes until they master it.

The reason to practice drawing these shapes is very simple, as long as you master these four basic shapes, you can master more than 80% of the shapes of the object. Everyone can imagine: our bricks are like cubes; soccer balls are made of spheres; a water bottle is a cylinder… The most common objects imaginable are these basic geometrical structures.

Everyone can imagine the water bottle is a cylinder.
The most common objects imaginable are these basic geometrical structures.

Moreover, starting to practice sketching basic geometry helps us to learn to observe, if in the beginning practicing complex objects will discourage many people. Practicing basic geometry exercises can also help us improve the following abilities:

Why you should learn to draw simple shapes?

1. Sketching trains the ability to draw straight lines.
As an artist, what if you can’t draw lines well? Practicing sketching basic shapes can train our ability to draw lines, if you draw straight lines with just one stroke you are a competent artist.

2. Sketching trains the ability to express an object’s mass.
Volume is an indispensable attribute to enhance the realism of an object. How to represent the volume of the object in the sketch?. The practice of sketching allows us to learn how to express the volume of objects, which is an indispensable foundation for later painting studies.

3. Sketching trains the ability to generalize.
The so-called generalizability is the ability to glimpse the basic shape of an object. This is the sharp eye of the painter! Art students can see your head as a ball at a glance. In short, once you have practiced sketching geometry, your way of seeing things will be different from ordinary people, and learning to draw will become easy.

4. Sketching trains our perspective.

After learning to draw, you will know the distance of objects, and how objects look at different angles, you can also visualize the shape of parts without you needing to see them in reality.

It seems that the importance of geometry in creative painting is obvious, it is an important foundation, and this is why it takes so long for students to learn the meaning of geometry. Every artist needs to have solid basic skills. If you want to be an artist, spend more time learning the basics.

These are drawings of geometric shapes in pencil.

Basic geometry shapes sketching
still life pencil drawing
still life pencil drawing

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