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Watercolor landscape tutorial of Ice Mountain

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Watercolor tutorial Ice mountain

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how to paint an Ice mountain landscape with watercolors. Besides, I made a time-lapse video of my painting process and posted it on my youtube channel. What are you waiting for, follow me!

Take a look at the peaceful, pristine space with the majestic and beautiful landscape next to the white snow. It was also the inspiration for me to paint this watercolor landscape painting.

Materials Needed

Paper: Strathmore Watercolor Paper 300gsm watercolor paper 

Pigments: Here is a list of the pigments I used:

Naples yellow, light Red, and Raw Umber, Naples Yellow, Indanthrone Blue, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ocher, and Sepia. 

Brushes: calligraphy brush, Rigger Brush

Other: HB pencil, Pallette, Water bucket, Drawing boat, Masking tape.

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Reference Photo of Watercolor painting

Reference Photo of Watercolor painting

As I said, you’re not a slave to photos, feel free to make your own views. This photo looks a bit boring, I will increase the contrast and saturation by using warm colors in the foreground and darkening their values. This contrasts with the cold and high-value colors in the background, allowing the painting to look much more attractive.

Watercolor landscape tutorial of ice mountain Sep-by-step

1. Make a Sketch

A good sketch is a foundation for a watercolor painting. That is the step where I arrange the composition, perspective, proportions, and balance. 

2. Paint the Sky of Ice Mountain landscape painting

Use a Flat brush to add a clean water layer down into the sky area of the paper. Right now, apply a light wash of Naples yellow (with lots of water and a few pigments ) as the first layer of Sky.

While the color is still wet, paint the second color on the top of the sky area with Intrathrone Blue and let it flow down naturally.

Paint sky of Ice Mountain

Next, add Mejillo Blue to deepen its value, do it while the paper is still damp.

3. Paint the Mid-Ground

At this stage, use a color group that includes: Naples yellow, light Red, and Raw Umber to suggest the first slight layer of mid-ground.

4. Develop the details of the Ice mountain

Develop the details of the Ice mountain

Use Indanthrone blue to paint the shadow of the snow, you can add a touch of Red violet to enrich the value.

5.Add a shadow for the mid-ground

Back to work with the mid-ground, apply a group of Burnt UmberYellow Ocher to paint its dark part.

6.Start to paint the details of the foreground

.Start to paint the details of the foreground

At this stage, I start to paint the details of the foreground. To make the background stand out, I use low-saturation colors and dark values in the foreground. I achieved this by blending Burnt UmberYellow Ocher,  and a touch of Sepia. 

Refine some of the overall details of the painting before finishing

Watercolor landscape Ice mountain

I refine some of the overall details of the painting. The painting is done, so we have a beautiful watercolor landscape painting of Ice mountain.

Hope this guide is helpful to you. To understand more, watch my video on the landscape watercolor painting process on youtube.

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