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Portrait of Tibetan in Watercolor works by artist Li Shu

Portrait of Tibetan in Watercolor works by artist Li Shu

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About the Artist:

Li Shu is the chief architect, a senior executive of Shenzhen Huasen Architecture and Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd. He had never tried to paint portraits in watercolor before. In 2016, inspired by photos of “Tibetan man” sent by his friends, he started painting portraits with watercolors.

The artist said:

There is a picture of a “Tibetan man” in my cell phone photo album. Every time I look at it, I feel like drawing it. At the beginning of 2017, I finally drew again. Coincidentally, the last time I drew “Tibetans” was also roughly on this day last year. That was the first time I tried watercolor portraiture, since then, throughout 2016, my watercolor paintings have never left the theme of “Tibetan man”. When I first painted watercolors a few years ago, I had an idea: “painting is an architect’s hobby, so painting methods and subjects don’t have to be professional. And so, I still use watercolors to paint.”

Portrait of Tibetan in Watercolor by artist Li Shu.

The first time I saw pictures of Tibetans sent by my friends, I was amazed: Tibetans have red faces on the plateau, they are pious and serene, and they have eyes resolute and persevering in their simplicity. The great Tibetan robes are not only decorative but also narrative: desolate and bleak in the cold; tough and stubborn in poverty; warm and joyful under the sun… Almost any life scene can make you feel that their whole life is a journey on a long pilgrimage, nature and humanity All things blend together, with the same vast and majestic scenery.
Covered and motivated by this feeling, Tibetan figures became the subject of my subsequent watercolor paintings. For over a year, I was obsessed with it, as if I were in a quagmire, but I never got tired of it. I persevere like a Tibetan pilgrimage.

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