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Review: Chien Chung Wei Watercolors Book

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Chien Chung Wei Watercolors Book
Chien Chung Wei Watercolors Book

Chien Chung Wei Watercolors Book

Chien Chung Wei Watercolors Book is a 236-page hardcover artbook by author Chien Chung Wei and published by Jincheng Press in 2019. The book’s language is written in Simplified Chinese. However, the titles of each painting and each chapter are written in Chinese and English.

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The first thing I noticed when I held this book in my hand was the thick, hardcover, and very well done. Flip through pages, thick pages, excellent paper quality. Of course, the book is bound to allow you to open the book flat and the stitching looks very solid.

This is a great book for anyone who loves the artist Chien Chung Wei and his works. It’s also a book you can flip through every now and then for ideas and inspiration.

The book is available on Amazon for about $50, you can visit Amazon to see more reviews. Note, the link below is an affiliate link, which means I earn some commission from each purchase, but at no extra cost to you.

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Contents of the book

This is a book filled with over 200 of his completed watercolor paintings and features a wide range of outstanding topics, such as still life, nature, old town painting, pencil drawing, and more. It’s also a book you can look through from time to time for ideas and inspiration.

The book consists of 9 chapters

  • Chapter 01: Light and Shadow
  • Chapter 02 Twilight and Night
  • Chapter 03 Water Surface and Reflection
  • Chapter 04 Winter and Snow
  • Chapter 05 Clouds and Trees
  • Chapter 06 Flowers and Birds
  • Chapter 07 Impressions of Taiwan
  • Chapter 08 Sketching from Life
  • Chapter 09 Figures and Sketches

There are several pages that show the step-by-step process for the purpose of illustrating the finished work; therefore, this book should not be viewed as a guidebook. If you are looking for a guidebook by Chien Chung Wei, this is not the book you need.

Chien Chung Wei Watercolors Book
There are several pages that show the step-by-step process

“Painting is like a magic mirror, it reflects the real or virtual world, human nature is good or bad, and also reflects the truth of nature and one’s own existence. The great artists in art history were all magicians who gave life to their paintings. Until now, I am still thinking and looking for the magic that artists have blown into their artistic creations? How did they have this magical power? Maybe there will never be a standard answer, I just hope in life, I can find my own answer.” Artist Chien Chung Wei

About Artist Chien Chung Wei

Artist Chien Chung Wei was born in 1968 and aimed to be a painter at age 10. He earned a master’s degree in Fine Arts, from Taiwan Normal University. As a renowned artist, he has been featured many times in “The Art of Watercolour”, “The Watercolor Artist”, “International Artist”, and other major watercolor magazines. Over the years, he has won many awards in international competitions. 

In addition, he is the first artist in Taiwan to become a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society. Chien Chung Wei is also the author of bestselling books, “The Intrigue of Form” and “Learning Watercolor from Demonstrations”. Besides, he now teaches watercolor in Taiwan and has been invited to instruct watercolor workshops worldwide.

He is also an artist who can draw portraits and landscapes in pencil excellently. 

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