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How to Paint Roses Bush – Your Guide to Painting Rose With Watercolor Paints

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Roses are a great subject for painting, they are beautiful flowers that can be used in the paintings of many famous artists to amateurs. Knowing how to paint a rose is a great skill an artist should have. But in this article, we will learn to paint a rose bush. 

 I hope this tutorial will help develop your watercolor skills as well as help you draw beautiful rose bush watercolors.

An Easy Watercolor Tutorial for Beginners.

In this tutorial, the Artist will go through a few easy steps to break up a rose watercolor painting into easy-to-understand steps for you to follow.

Step 1: Sketching

Use a pencil to draw simple shapes of flowers, foliage, and flower pots. Don’t draw too much detail, just make everything look simple and keep the sketch clean.

Step 2: Painting the First Layer of the Roses 

After we have sketched on the paper showing the shape and position of the roses, we can now start adding color to the places marked with the pencil.

Because the rose shape is not specific, it is quite complicated. Therefore, try to make the brush strokes loosely to wash the roses gently with a light layer of red

Step 3: Adding the Leaves to Your Rose Watercolor Painting

We can now begin to paint the leaves of the roses bush. The Artist does this by making a mix of green, blue and yellow green, However, make sure the mix is predominantly green.

Once finished, the artist painted thin green stems vertically on the paper from top to bottom. Don’t forget, we need to connect the stem to the leaves by painting small branches

Step 4: Painting the Lavenders bush 

In order to make the painting more attractive and rich, the artist has added a lavender bush next to the roses. The artist used Green to paint the leaves and Violet for the lavender flowers.

Step 5: Adding detail to the flowers

In this step, let’s add detail to the flowers using deep red in the center of the roses and dark purple at the edge of the lavenders, this way to create depth in your painting.

Step 6: Painting the Flower pot

Because the flower pot is made of wood, so paint its entire surface with a light yellow color. After this layered color has dried, overpaint them with a light purple layer to show the shadows.

Finished work

Learning how to watercolor rose bush is a painting exercise for those who are just starting out with watercolor as this tutorial breaks it down into a simple steps.

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